Critical Press

1-“And it is that Gregorio Gutiérrez is a conductor who knows working with musicians and understands then. The results are, of course, those of an artist who take care of the detail and delivered in soul and heart to the work to interpret, therefore,  the public knows thanks him and applauds.”      Juan Piñera, composer and critic, Radio Havana, 10-May-2016


2-“The conductor from Tenerife, Gregorio Gutiérrez in the foreground, with eloquent gestures from the podium and a coherent conception of the sound fact. Gutiérrez transmitted to the group (OSN) and the public spirit, and tucked in a romantic package the folkloric  of his country  “  daily Granma (La Havana) Pedro de la Hoz.  19.May. 2010


3-“Forge full thanks to the exceptionally pointillist and controlled work….to present  naturally, consistency and high aesthetic level the most valuable of the text by the composer”   La Provincia (Las Palmas)   14. May. 2014   Guillermo García-Alcalde


4-“….and inspired by knowledge,  technique and the heart of a maestro as Gregorio Gutiérrez”  La Provincia (Las Palmas) 4. April . 2011


5-“Entails very considerable difficulties expressive design and implementation, admirably conducted by the baton and play by the young instrumentalist with brilliant technical aptitude, rhythmic  joy, ear engaged and true delivery unit and filing”   La Provincia (Las Palmas) 4. November. 2010


6-“Orchestra and conductor tuned in thoroughly……to start they gave to each work own  sound nature, character and style, which is indispensable in programs  as varied cultural premise. The 29, K. 201 of Mozart Symphony rang with the lightness and the flight of its central period….The maestro expressed with power contrasting tempi, it moved the rhythms and highlighted  the alternating planes of the organic with a technique of loose gesture, very playful  in the expression from severe template metric that left nothing to random”    La Provincia (Las Palmas)      20 . February .   2007


7-“That genuine ” mozartismo “(from Mozart)  would jump to the work  of  closing the concert with the splendid tribute that Schubert  plays Mozart in his Fifth Symphony in b flat, D 485. The air vitality of the ends  movements well sequenced with the melodious of the two  initials, indicate a concept conveyed by a gesture code impulses that anticipates attacks and get styling with arms and hands the Apollonian romanticism, achieved by maestro and musicians, whose eloquent strings enhance the quality soloist of the winds”  La Provincia  (Las Palmas)  20 .February 2007

8-“Gutierrez makes an excellent creation of Wagner Siegfried Idyll by polyhedron environments, the contrast of the character, the peculiar incardination of the motives of the Ring and the unstable oscillation of tenderness and Rapture that make so this music”    La Provincia  (Las Palmas)  20 February 2007


9-“Canary conductor Gregorio Gutiérrez , rigorously trained and in possession of a full gestural technique, so precise in marking tempi and rhythms, in assemble a collective……Know how to identify it in rich expressive impulses and always gets the best”   La Provincia (L.P.) 28 . July. 2007


10-“The conductor blends ideally matter vocal and instrumental. And returns to deploy his skills in the loving care of the solo voices”  La Provincia (L.P.)    8. March 2008


11-“In the musical is to emphasize that the largest ovation of the premier was dedicated to Gregorio Gutiérrez when he come to scene. His work in the pit with the OFG deserved that award by their exact tempi sync with the dance along four acts of exceptional diversity rhythmic  and metric; but also by lyrical expressiveness of the more melodic numbers, the precision of the character and finesse in the sound palette of this renowned music of Tchaikovsky”    La Provincía (L.P.)    8.  July .  2007


12-“Outstanding  interpretation of the maestro Gregorio Gutiérrez as attentive to the complexity of the score as undeniable esthetic  values”  La Provincia (L.P.) 3 .  September  . 2007


13-“ the maestro Gutiérrez completed a flawless sixteen numbers reading, generously colorist in the identification of implication with the sound ideal of de Falla and transparent technique that became manifest”   La Provincia (L.P.)     13 . September.  2007


14-“Gregorio Gutiérrez and the OSCO offered music with claw and dramatic tension, exposing rigorously their enormous strengths and successes . It put at the service of the good quality music”  La Nueva España (Asturias)  27.  September.   2003


15-“the delivered and effectiveness of Gutiérrez and his Orchestra showed as an OSCO flying every days without artistic limitations”  La Nueva España (Asturias)   29 June  2001


16-“Gregorio Gutiérrez conduced the music of outstanding form: firmness in the rhythm that never decays to yow now create moments of captivating sensuality, so series in the second act of the Opera”   La Provincia (L.P.)   2. December .  2001


17-“Gutiérrez  conduced in grace moment, delivered at the top, with authority, technical mastery and contagious pleasure”   La Provincia (L.P.)   20.  January .    2003


18-“Gregorio Gutiérrez , Chef Conductor of the OSCO, made a sober version, without the bombast or hollow sensationalism. On the contrary , sought a balance towards a sound dean, severe in the conception”   La Nueva España (Asturias)  3.  November.    2001


19-“Splendid was the performance of the Cordoba Orchestra conduced by Gregorio Gutiérrez with elegant and precise gesture”   ABC (Madrid)      28.   September.    2000


20-“The Spanish conductor Gregorio Gutiérrez performed a concert of beautiful sound and profound rhythmic  rigor, with special reference to Denisov  Symphony”      Musical Life (Moscow)  19.    January.    1997


21-“All the scores played with quality and rigor, and conduced with delivery, authority, power and musicality by Gutiérrez”  Diario 16 (Madrid)  15 . December . 1995.    Tomás Marco


22-“Maestro Gutiérrez lived representation enjoying it and giving it his own label to the Orchestra, which responded adequately. Managed effectively the union of all the elements  that make up the Opera, keeping the entire show within an attractive and balanced rhythm”   Los Andes (Mendoza-Argentina)  2.  July.   1998


23-“With these sounds Gutiérrez made a beautiful basket. He accompanied  with musicality and great care to the soloist……..finally put “spark” in the addition to rigor, in the peculiar “Pasodoble” that García Lorca verses inspired to Jesús Villa Rojo .    ABC (Madrid)   12   September   1998


24-“Gregorio Gutiérrez is a value clear, his knowledge, his temperament  and “goblin” remain at par its responsibility when it comes to assemble so current staves for the substance as free in the form”     EL País (Madrid)  12 .   September.   1998      Enrique Franco


25-“Led by the Canary Conductor Gutiérez with a precision and a safety of what is: a conductor who has entered the eventful phase of the first maturity “  ABC (Madrid)  24 . April.  1998